Effective: November 13, 2017

Loan Fees

Service Fee
Consumer Loan Processing Fee (at time of closing) $25.00
Skip-A-Pay Fee/Loan Extension Fees $25.00
Real Estate Origination Fee 2% of Loan
Late Fee on Consumer Loans $25.00
Late Fee on Real Estate Loans 10% of Payment Amount
Returned Check/ACH Fees on Loan Payments $25.00
Collection Fee for levies/writs of execution $100.00
GAP Coverage $410.00
MBP Program Varies based on VIN#
Over limit Fee for Line of Credit $25.00

Checking Fees

Service Fee
Nonsufficient Funds Fee (per item) $25.00
Stop Payment Fee (per item-max $75 for series) $25.00
Returned Deposit Fee $5.00
Account Negative Fee $5.00 - Every 5 Days
Automatic Overdraft Protection Transfer $3.00
NSF Check presented for collection $35.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour) $10.00

Plastic Card Fees

Service Fee
Member Gift Card Fee $2.50
Non-Member Gift Card Fee $3.00
Everyday Spend Prepaid Debit Card Fee $3.00
NSF Fee $25.00
Out of Network ATM Fee (After 4 per month) $2.50
Lost Card Fee $15.00
Re-Issue PIN# $5.00
Reinstate Blocked Card $35.00

Wire Transfer Fees

Service Fee
Outgoing Wire Transfers (Domestic Only) $20.00
Incoming Wire Transfers $10.00
Returned Wire Transfer $10.00

Other Miscellaneous Fees

Service Fee
Dormant Account Fee-(No activity for 2 years and the balance is under $100) $5.00 - Monthly
Early Closure of Account (before 60 days) $25.00
Fax-Incoming Free
Fax-Outgoing $1.00 - first page, $0.50 each additional page
Account Research Fee (per hour) $10.00
Passbook Savings-Low Balance Fee (After 30 days, under $25) $5.00 - Monthly
Photocopies $0.10 per page
Notary Service Free
Coin Counting Members: Free, Non-Members: 2%